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Did I mention I got a medicine bowl?

Ok, well, you knew I couldn’t have something as priceless as my new Medicine Bowl in my home for more than a day without it inspiring some kind of *caper*!

I have been looking for the Perfect Place to set aforementioned bowl. There is only one problem: The cat is obsessed with it. SO everywhere I set the bowl, the cat make a beeline right to it and starts brushing against the horsehair or chewing on the feathers. I figure that CAN’T be good! So, as of yesterday, the bowl was on the dresser. I get a call from Dear Partner (DP), who is on bed rest for a back injury and she informs me that the cat just will NOT leave the bowl alone! She can’t get up to shoo the cat away.
So, I get home last night and I see my bowl, surounded by various crumpled up pieces of paper (ther emnants of DP’s attempt, from bed to distract the cat from the bowl!) and the bundle of Buffalo hair, which was situated in the front pocket, is GONE!
Ok, now I am resourceful but where in the F^#$ am I going to find another bundle of Buffalo fur? Not only that, but here was this awesome bowl minding it’s own business and I bring it inot the house of cat to be dessimated! I am thinking that this can’t be good for my mojo! So, I launch a search for the missing fur. Child, sensing the exitement, decideds to help. Hey, I’ll take what I can get! SO I describe what we are looking for and he is off! The conversation the followed went something like this:

Child: Mommy I found it! (holds up tuft of hair)
Me: No honey, thats dog fur.
Child: (few minutes later) Mommy! I found it! (hold up tuft of hair)
Me: No honey, thats a dust bunny.
Child: (yet later, emerging from under his bed) Mommy! (holds up silky garment)
Me: No, those are panties and why are they under the bed?!?!
Child: (he is relentless!) This is it! (holds up indistinguishable item)
Me: (after much consideration) no, that’s a dryer sheet that has been dragged on the ground thus collecting various and sundry hair and debris and then chewed by the dog.

I need to clean my house.

The errant fur turned up under my bed, hidden artfully under a bag. I found an entire grotto of collected cat-finds under the bed! It was like a hostage situation!

I REALLY need to clean my house!

I placed the fur back in it’s pocket of honor and the bowl is now sitting on the lower shelf of my closet with the door open so I can see it. It is about 6 feet up, so I don’t think the cat can get up there…. yet.