Creative? I think not!

If you are visiting this page with any regularity (you are, right) you will notice that the past seems to be getting larger and larger! It’s COMING TO GET YOU!

I kid.

I am in the process of transferring posts from my old blog. I am going to delete it but there are a few odds and ends that I want to remember. Of course, if there are odds and ends that I want to remember, then it begs the questions of why I am deleting the blog at all, right? I know, don’t try to talk reason to me, I’m not entirely capable of it.

DP and I went to a fundraiser last night and MAN what a blast. The fundraiser was basically a huge costume party and the theme this year was “Fantastical Oddities” In short, a circus. I volunteered and so I got in free and then I got a ticket which I gave to DP so in all, we attended this fundraiser for a little more than the cost of our costumes.

And that is the theme of the day, although I want to make sure my frugal night out is duly noted. Total saved, close to 400.00. We rock!

Ok, so let get back to the point. The costumes. Wow. I went as a gypsy and DP went as a ring master. We looked fairly normal, like two average people dressed up for a costume party. Not so, many of the other guests! Our observations in short:

~ People, it seems, will take any opportunity available to them to enter the public arena in as few clothes as possible. And I think that the concept of “costume party” seems to mean “who cares how I look!”. We are not judgmental people, but I think I can safely say that ripped fishnets, a too tight corset and heels you can’t walk in is probably an example of what not to wear, no matter the situation.

~ Lot’s of women jumping on the “bearded woman” bandwagon. Were we all REALLY waiting for the chance to sport a beard? It would seem so.

~ No one enjoys heels when they are extremely drunk.

~ Jeans and a football themed t shirts is not so much a “costume” as it is “lazy”.

~ When dressing as a gypsy, anything covering the heard is a bad idea. There are not enough bobby pins in the world. But maybe that’s just me.

~ My DP is hot. Yup.

All this said, the people who put their time and effort into this event did an AMAZING job. I mean the place looked fantastic. I have some pictures on my phone and as soon as I have them uploaded, I will post.



  1. bubblewench Said:

    Hello there!! Nice to find you again… now I shall stalk you like I used to. MISS YOU SO MUCH! AND LOVE YOU MORE! SMOOCH!

  2. chrysalis01 Said:

    Hellloooo Bubblewench! Much MISSING and Love to you too! I am back in the public arena! Maybe now the computer will let me comment on your blog!
    Hugs and smooches!!!!

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