The Wii Fit traumatized my son!!!

Ok, so last Christmas, my parents got us a Wii Fit.

Today, Child and I hooked it up.

I could regale you with the bevy of reasons, from “working too much” to “not enough room” but the truth of the matter is “just too lazy”. Hey truth hurts.

So, my point. We hooked up the Wii Fit and OMG it is so much fun! First child got on and the program told him that he is at a healthy BMI (I hope so for 8), his balance and posture suck and that he weighs exactly what the doctor said he weighs. This shot a bolt of terror through my soul, as I knew I was next and frankly, I have no real interest in knowing my real weight. I fit in my clothes and still eat chocolate. That’s all I need to know.

So, Child played with some of the balance games for awhile, while I sat in the chair and scoffed. Silly man cub, thought I, just wait until you’re grown and these games are child’s play. CHILD’S PLAY I tell you!

After he had his fun it was my turn. So, I let the program size me up. I apparently have great posture. If you know me in real life, you are cracking the hell up at that statement, since it is unbelievable to most that I can even walk upright. But then the program calculated my BMI and I was 1 point in the “overweight” range. Well this was all child needed to see to have a small break down. “You’re OVERWEIGHT????”.

Thanks, Wii Fit! I needed some humiliation to get my lazy ass in gear!

Then child ran off to his room to drown his sorrows over my weight in his other electronics and I pushed the button to let the system weigh me. I weigh….

…. Come on. You didn’t really think I would tell you, did you?

I weight about 10 lbs more than I should. Not bad. I know. But now it’s a challenge. Ten pounds. Bring it, Wii!

The games on this thing are fun. I don’t think I am going to qualify for the Olympics anytime soon, but they are fun and they actually get your heart rate going. Well. They got mine going. Anyone who has a resting heart rate below that of an anxious hamster may find the program less of a challenge.

Oh, speaking of anxious hamster, Trick or treat was this weekend. I’ll post pictures! No, I won’t, you should realize that this is a picture-less blog! Anyway, child was a storm trooper and DP and I did not dress initially to take him out, but after about an hour, we found that people were mistaking us for “blocks of ice” so we went with that. We did, however, make child go home before we morphed into “hypothermia victims”. All that considered, however, child made out with 2 bags full of candy.

And, as a matter of fact, we have been snacking on it as if it is two big bags of soy nuts.

This could explain why the Wii traumatized my son! But more on that later. I am off to have some chocolate. Stolen chocolate. The best kind!


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