Why yes. Yes it is the end of the day!

I have nothing interesting to say.

This of course assumes that anything I have said up to this point is interesting.

Which is really subjective, because I could enjoy someones blow by blow description of ice melting if they describe it right! I mean, come on.. ice melting…


The Wii fit continues to traumatize my child because it does not tell me that I am losing any weight. I am coming to terms with this, though, as I am starting to realize that maybe I should focus on “getting in shape” as opposed ot losing that last 10 pounds. I thought, when I started waiting tables, that all of that walking would help, but I guess all of the “biscuit eating” has off set that. Funny how that works, right?

So, my dilemma of the day involves a 10 year old huge Aladdin alarm clock. Did I just date myself? I did, didn’t I? Bygones. Anyway, when I graduated college, I decided I had to have this clock. Because that is what every new grad needs, an oversized novelty alarm clock, and I am nothing if not a follower. Or maybe the phrase I’m looking for is “trend setter” because, as it turns out NO ONE really needs an oversized novelty alarm clock, least of all me. But I kept it in my office anyway, and got a few cute comments on it, which thinned out as I got older. Now I just get the occasional “WTF is that thing?” or “what are you, 8?”.

Which leads me to my dilemma. Child is 8 and he needs an alarm clock. If this were a picture blog at all, I would post a picture of the clock in question and you would understand. The clock is fashioned like an old fashioned alarm clock, with the two big bells on top. But on this particular time piece, the bells are the size
of Asia and when they ring, the building empties like the fire alarm has gone off.

Child thinks the sound of leaves falling is too loud. Somehow I don’t think that the massive scary alarm clock would be a hit.

I suppose I could give it to charity. Or I could give it to one of you! Anyone want a 10 year old functioning giant novelty Aladdin alarm clock? It’s free but I won’t be held responsible for any health conditions that arise if you actually USE the alarm!!!


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