Ok, so I changed the theme on this blog. I will probably do that a lot because I am flaky like that.

So, I have been looking at the things that generate traffic on peoples sites out of curiosity. I don’t run ads and I blog for myself for the most part, so I am not really overly interested in DRIVING traffic to this site. But I am always interested in the different things that make blogs popular. Especially blogs that really don’t seem to be that strong on original content.

I think the trick is controversy. I also think that’s sad as hell. If you write a post that makes you look like a loon, you will attract people. If you write something that attacks one of the popular bloggers, you will attract people. If you write that you hate every minority on the planet… you guessed it! Out of the woodwork. Want to really jack your readership? Set yourself up as crazy and write about killing an animal!

This isn’t to say that these are the only things that attract readers. But it seems to work.

I have a decent amount of controversy in my life. Ok, not the “OMG I killed my dog” kind but what I do for a living is enough to make most people do a double take. I choose not to write about it. Lots of reason. respect for my job. respect for myself. No desire for generated “traffic”.

I can’t spell. I suppose this is controversial in some circles. But not in any of the circles that I run in.

Maybe my next post will be all about the life of a non speller in a world of red pens….! Oh the drama!


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