Who’s the Boss?!

Last night as I was laying in bed, completely unable to sleep, I was composing the brilliant post in my head. It was all full of drama and intrigue and appropriately spelled words….serioulsy, it would have changed your life. CHANGED YOUR LIFE!!!

The thing is, I guess I was more asleep than I thought I was because I totally cannot remember the post at all. Not even the general idea of the post. In fact, maybe I only dreamed about the post. Which is just more proof I need a life, that I would dream about blogging.

So. Long story even longer (ok RL friends, who says that?), I have no life altering Post of Glory. Nothing.

However, my buddy over here has a blogroll on the side of her page. And everyday, whoever has updated their blog most recently automatically gets bumped to the top.

Oh yeah, you know where this is going. See, I’m not at that top back at the top again because I just updated my blog! I am just way too competitive to let someone else get to the top and STAY THERE!

Plus it will likely be the only time in my life ever that I will be above Dooce in anything that resembles the internet.

(But if there is ever a contest measuring “total sugar consumed” watch out, Dooce!!!)

Also, if I think of the life altering post, I promise I will post it. Even if it’s 2 in the morning and the post ends up being about french fries or “Who’s the Boss?”.

I never said it would be a GOOD change!


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