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In which I sicken everyone with my gratuitous gratitude

Did I spell “gratuitous” right?

Rest assured that my ability to spell is not one of the things I am grateful for.

That said, I am really grateful for a lot right now. It’s easy as hell to complain when youa re working 2 jobs and the bills are being floated, but serioulsy? Maybe a missed beach vacation is just not something to be bitching about these days? Let’s review the good:

~ I have the ability to work

~I have a job

~Floated or not, the bills get paid

~I have health and a healthy family

~I have a home and comfortable furniture that I can relax on, including the couch of comfort!

~ I have the best bed ever

~I have the best DP ever

This is the short list. I need to focus more energy on making this a long list. That, and on chocolate.

Can’t go wrong with that plan.

P.S. more old posts transferred from the soon to be defunct journal. Did I spell “defunct” right? Where does one find the spellcheck on this thing??