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Lawn Bitch! Update my Blog!!!

Have I told you about the Lawn Bitch?

Ok, so near the end of the summer, after DP got her job and her hours went through the roof, our lawn started to go nuts. It was mostly a combination of no time and a lot of rain. One day, DP was delivering something at a clients house and she noticed that the yard was awesome so she asked about it. the 82 year old woman who owned the lawn told DP that her lawn was done by a middle aged gentleman on disability (we think he may be a war vet) who does this kind of thing and is always looking for extra money. So we called and thus begins the reign on the Lawn Bitch.

First of all, our lawn looked like the bomb! It was awesome! I think he may be obsessive compulsive. He then filled us in on everything else he does for basically pennies. He offered to clean and organize our garage, fix any little thing around the house, paint, stain the gazebo (we’ll probably take him up on that one!) then he informs us that what he doesn’t know how to do, his father does.

So, in our home, the Lawn Bitch is the answer to questions no one ever asked. Need your landscaping done? Call the lawn bitch! Have an electrical problem? Call the Lawn Bitch? Want hash browns from Burger King and you are too lazy to get up and get them yourself? Lawn Bitch! The law is after you for supposed bank robbery and you need someone to pretend to be you and stand trial? LAWN BITCH!!!

Everyone should have their own Lawn Bitch!