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The job. Day 2.

Ok, well, it’s been more than 2 days since my last post but you get the gist.

So I have been looking over that lists and looking at some of the things that I listed. Some of the qualities that I listed are not relevant in terms of a job search. For example, I am 40 years old. I am probably not going to be a professional performer at this point, or a professional musician. Not because 40 year olds don’t do these things, but because the sacrifices that I would have to make in order to be even remotely successful are too much. And the truth is that I would likely not be more than remotely successful. Not worth it.

To take a small detour quickly, I watched Julie & Julia last night. Cute movie. Not the point. I was watching this movie and was struck by the life of Julia Child and how she made a career out of doing something she loved and how lucky she was to be able to do that. And I guess that is the one thing that is missing on my list. Simple, I would like to be doing something that I love.

I don’t know that I would say that I love what I am doing. I don’t hate it, as I said it’s a decent job. But I like many other starry-eyed world savers, got into Social Work because I wanted to help people. As I have told countless people since then, If you really want to help people, get a job that makes a lot of money and 1) donate and 2) volunteer. THAT is the recipe to help people. If you want to instead be trapped up in endless yards of red tape and maybe sort of help one out of every 100 people who you come in contact with then go get your license to practice social work and dive in!

If you’d like to know where to sign up, just email me! Try to resist my enticing description! I should write for the local schools program catalog!!

Eh. It’s true though. Social workers burn out early and fast, and there is a reason for that.

Anyway, this is more about focusing on what I want than dwelling on what is wrong with what I have. So. The first thing I think I need to do is free up some time to try doing some things that I love.

With that though, I have given up one of the 2 days I am working my second job. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but you know, baby steps.

I am going to try 2 new things to start. I am going to take a sculpting class at the arts center and try to get back in touch with my creativity and I am going to start making some of my own, all natural “beauty” products… bath salts, lotions, massage oils, etc. I think I am going to try to sell them, too. We’ll see.

That is my short term goal. My long term goal? Purchase a really nice digital SLR camera and give my old one to the Child. Then take him out and take pictures. We can then work together to clean up the shots and pick out our favorites. The goal being to express some creativity and maybe change how we view the world.

Plus, the child will have a BLAST! Which is what it’s all about, anyway!!!


in which I have no substance at all. Or purpose. In other words, I am writing just to write. Aces!

One of my friends at work has a theory that the universe is shifting, and by the way she describes it, I think she is right.

It seems as if people who have been having a hard time are suddenly having an easier time and people who have been skating through life are suddenly hitting road blocks. Anyone else noticing this pattern?

As for my life, things are going very well. I have found that sometimes it takes something horrible happening to open up the gates to better-town.

The gates to better -town. I am a literary genius.

Point being that there is something to the notion of embracing the dark. One of my friends told me recently that he is the person who always says he “plans for the worse but hopes for the best”. He then pointed out that this is makes him a pessimist with no confidence. Clever as that is, I think that it is the overwhelming attitude of most of society. But I think maybe we should all be “planning for the best IN SPITE of the worst”.

Sometimes a building has to fall for a better building to be built!

Also, my Wii fit is still mocking me. If you do not own this game, run out and get it and watch what your Mii does when the scale registers your BMI as too high. It is the equivalent of sticking it’s tongue out and calling me a fat ass. However, the child is no longer horrified so much as he is hysterically amused. I am glad my weight issues amuse someone.

(incidentally, “weight issues” may be a bit dramatic. No one has ordered a fork lift for me yet.”